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Physics Chapter 3: Linear Motion Summary, Practical (To Do at Home)

Hi to my student,

Post: Saturday, 24th October 2015
Here is the link for summary of Physics Grade X Chapter 3, Linear Motion:

I might update this post later with exercise and may be other stuff. So stay tuned.

Post: Monday, 25th October 2015
I gave you assignment, that is doing a simple experiment at home (or wherever you like to do it). This experiment should be completed and submitted by 29th November 2015 (Sunday). Follow the procedure, fill in the tables, answer the question in the result section, and write down your conclusion.

Type your answer and send it to me by email to : devilim@ski.sch.id.
Remember: deadline for submission is 29th November 2015. If you're late (as in the date in the email), then there will be point penalty (late for 1 day = -5 penalty). To avoid problem of internet connection, make sure you send it before the deadline (you have 1 month period to complete an experiment).
Here is the link:

Just enjoy the experiment and be benefited by it. (If you know your reaction time, I hope you will be more alert when you drive or ride motorcycle).

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