Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Intro: Reasons for the Birth of This Blog


This is the first posting of all (hopefully). 

At first, I think about helping my student when I created this. Some of them asked me to give them materials that I used to teach in class. I don't really want to give them because the materials are just points, not concepts, and mainly because they already has a very good book in their hands. Despite that, I will give them some materials through this blog. They can take some of my notes without having to infect my computer. 

At second thought, I think this blog has a possibility to become more than just sharing materials of teaching (and of course, some announcements and bits of teaching-related stuff). Sometimes I just need to let go of many words from my brain. Writing, in many times, can be stressing me out, but sometimes, like this time, it is just relaxing. So... this could a channel for me to get words out of my mind. Well, it is still a possibility because it all depends on my laziness level, internet connection, and time taken to do other things.

Finally, I hope all of us (who read and who write) would enjoy this blog and be benefited. 

"Let There Be Light" ~ God said that and Maxwell Equations come true. 

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