Selasa, 27 Oktober 2015

About Edmodo: Classroom in It?

Hi all,

I just know last night that there is a platform for education where teacher, students, and parents can join together. This platform is called Edmodo. Thankfully, it works like facebook (something that most of us know already). If only I know it before I made this blog, then I would use it instead of this. But it's okay la....

So, without further ado, I joined Edmodo last night, chose option as a teacher and completed my profile. Well, as much as I appreciate Edmodo, I am still new to this. Therefore, I have to try it first and when I am ready, I will launch it to my students.
So, if you are my student, please wait for more information from me. If Edmodo is okay, then I will put quizzes, assignments, and notes over there.  I will give the key to you. works out well for us (you and me as student and teacher), then you can study whenever and wherever you like. So, if (again) there is "Libur Asap", you can still study and do some exercises. heheh...

If you ask me, "how do I use it?" I think, you are more capable than me in this area. I will leave it to you to try it out and explore it to your heart's content.

But, how about this blog? Well, I still can use it to pour some words out of my mind (if I have time to write it down and with connected internet).

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