Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Experience Using Scribd to Upload Documents

A bit of story,

I had uploaded several physics notes and exercises through scribd today. Quite a work to do.

It is sometimes annoying when you see the results of the uploaded files. Prior to uploading the files, I had changed the files from ms. word to became .pdf or .xls. I thought that by using those two types, my uploaded files in Scribd will look like the files in the original form (without any changing layout or disordered diagram). Guess what? Those uploaded files had some disorganized paragraphs, changed diagram and pictures. I tried several times to change the files (using many options available) from word into .pdf and .xls and embedded the fonts and many little things but it didn't work well.

Just when I said, "I just tried for the last time. If it doesn't work out, then let it be.", I used the print option to print the files into .xls then I uploaded that latest revision into Scribd, and....it worked!

Well, this time I did learn something about options in word. I didn't really know the difference between changing file types using "save as", "print" and "export" in word (we can still use it in computer and get the same results), but today at least I know that if I want to upload the files into Scribd, I should use "print as" option in word, and change the file into .xls. I think this is the most stable format and it preserves all the original layout and diagrams.

Finally, I can see that the files are in good format and easy to read. 
The moral? Don't give up, coz' maybe your last attempt work out well. 

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